10 Lines on Happy Friendship Day

10 Lines on Happy Friendship Day 2021

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Essay on Friendship Day in English

  1. Friendship is the mutual bond between individuals who might share the same mindset or thoughts.
  2. A good friend is the one with whom you can share your thoughts which you can’t share with others.
  3. Friendship deepens with the passing of time and converts into a strong relationship.
  4. In a true friendship each person tries to bring a positive change in others and always shows the righteous path.
  5. A true friend is always ready for sacrifice for the sake of the betterment of his friends.
  6. A sense of sacrifice is one of the most important characteristics of true friendship.
  7. Friendship also helps in providing care and support to friends during their bad times.
  8. There is always a sense of respect and responsibility in true friendship.
  9. A friends will always give you good advice and stop you from going in the wrong direction.
  10. Friends are the gifts of God who are not your family but also not less than your family.
Happy Friendship Day 2021
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