Independence Day

10 Lines on Independence Day

Happy Independence Day 2021

Independence Day is the national festival of India. We celebrate our national festival “Independence Day” on 15 August as a national holiday in India to commemorate the country’s independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947.

We are very fortunate, that we have been given a land of peace and happiness by our ancestors, where we can sleep the whole night without any fear and enjoy the whole day at school or at home.

This year we are celebrating the 75th Independence Day of India 2021

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10 lines essay on Independence Day

  1. We celebrate Independence Day on 15 August of every year.
  2. Independence Day is a national festival of India.
  3. The Prime Minister host the national Flag at the Red Fort Delhi. Hoisting Tricolor and singing the national Anthem is at the apex of the celebrations.
  4. On this day, the flag is saluted and national songs are sung in everywhere.
  5. On this day, people remember the sacrifices at the great freedom fighters.
  6. The Army, Air Force, Navy comprise the Parade. 21 gun salute and a march-past by the armed, Para military forces is the main attraction.
  7. This day teaches us about the power of unity.
  8. Doordarshan telecast the complete show in the country.
  9. In the United States, the day is observed as, “India Day” by the Indians residing there.
  10. Independence Day also celebrates the constitutional and democratic values of our country.
Independence Day
Independence Day

5 lines essay on Independence Day for LKG, UKG, Grade 1 Students

  1. We celebrate Independence Day on 15th August of every year.
  2. Our country was liberated on 15th August 1947.
  3. To celebrate Independence Day the national flag, tricolour is hoisted. Then national Anthem is sung.
  4. On this day, we should remember our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and others.
  5. Let’s be proud to be an Indians.

Jai Hind…. Jay Bharat….!!!

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