Names of Community Helpers

Names of Workers | Community Helpers

A community is a place where people live, work, and play. Community helpers are people in our community that help others.

  1. Doctor – He treats people who are ill.
  2. Nurse – She looks after sick people especially under the guidance of a doctor.
  3. Carpenter – He makes doors, windows, tables, and chairs.
  4. Porter – He carries luggage and other loads, especially in a railway station, airport, hotel, or market.
  5. Cook – She prepares our meals every day.
  6. Waiter – He waits at the tables in a restaurant or cafe.
  7. Cobbler – He mends shoes.
  8. Policeman – He enforces laws, investigates crimes, and maintains order.
  9. Tailor – He sews our clothes.
  10. Shepherd – He takes care of the sheep.
  11. Gardener – He takes care of our gardens.
  12. Potter – He makes dishes, plates, and other objects from clay, usually by hand on a special wheel.
  13. Farmer – He grows crops.
  14. Postman – He delivers letters, from one place to another.
  15. Firefighter – He extinguishes fires.
  16. Teacher – He / She teaches in a school or college.
  17. Barber – He shaves, trims, or style hair and beards.
  18. Delivery Boy – He is also known as couriers or delivery men, delivery boys deliver packages, foods, documents, and other items to customers.

Names of Community Helpers
Names of Community Helpers
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